Saturday Seminars


The next "Get Connected" seminar will be early fall 2019.


The next "Date Differently" Seminar  is going to be late fall 2020.  


I do seminars. Fun Seminars! Hands on, packed, priceless ones that you won't want to miss! These are held for 3-5 hours on a Saturday. I do two seminars for singles. The first is: Get Connected and the second is titled Date Differently.


In the Get Connected seminar you will gain info on the basics behind attachment theory and why understanding your attachment style is so key to having and keeping healthy relationships. Including strengthening your relationship with God. The Get Connected Seminar also covers improving your dating success, the 7 highly ineffective habits of dating, and more! You will come away from this seminar with new knowledge and incredible insights into yourself and your own dating and attachment patterns. 


The Date Differently Seminar is a more  in-depth look into dating patterns and problems and how to increase your dating pool, how to improve your success rates for more dates, and how to maintain long term healthy relationships. This seminar will also cover the 7 pitfalls of modern dating, how to love yourself so others can love you, how to flirt, and more!


Fee for Saturday seminars is $55 and all seminars include lunch.


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