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"Steph has changed my dating life! Her enthusiam for her research and for this topic makes it fun and exciting to learn from her. I was nervous to "talk" to someone because therapists aren't really my thing but Steph has a different approach to sharing her skills and knowledge. I felt like I was just talking to a good friend and getting really helpful dating advice! The things she taught me were things I had never thought of before and have really helped me to see dating in a new way. I would recommend one on one coaching with Steph to anyone."      

             - Lori Allred 



"Working with Stephanie has been extremely eye opening and insightful.  Stephanie is incredibly perceptive and has helped me figure out things about myself I'd never even considered before.  I've learned a ton about the way I relate to others and it has benefitted me in ALL relationships in my life, not just romantic.  The concepts she shares have helped my relationships with family members, friends, even coworkers.  I have recommended Stephanie and her program to several friends and family members and would say if anyone has ever considered therapy/counseling talk to Stephanie!"     

                                                                                                -Britney Greene


"Stephanie has an incredible eye for change and progression. I worked with her for almost 2 years ...Stephanie has a unique gift of being able to look beyond what individuals typically see as the problem and she can identify the root of the issue; she works at the root of issues so that change endure.  Stephanie is an honest communicator. I am so grateful for her direct council and clarity. I never had to question what it is that she recommended I do to move forward. She loves people enough to tell them how it is. Receiving / giving actionable understanding is one of the greatest lessons I learned from Stephanie and i've been able to practice that in my relationships with my wife, my daughter, my friends, and my co-workers. Stephanie does her research and knows what she presents on. I've watched her present 30+ times and in many of the presentations she received questions that would throw any other person off their game, but Stephanie had a firm grasp of what she was teaching and had evidence to back her up and she always nailed it.


If you want your life to improve quickly and if you want your communication in your relations to become empowering then Stephanie Gardner can get you there. You don't need to wonder if you will get your money's worth with Stephanie...trust me, she delivers far beyond the price tag!"


                                                                                                             -Shane Reeves



"The research that Stephanie presents can help any of us pinpoint issues that prevent connection, both in dating/marriage and in relationships in general. We can't help ourselves until we know what to work on. Stephanie has a gift for speaking and putting thoughts and research together in a way that is relatable and helpful, and a gift for listening and helping others talk through issues. I definitely recommend her!"  

                                                                                - Heidi Hatch  






"Great insights. I learned a lot. It has been very helpful in the current relationship I am in. And with all my other relationships!"  


                                      - Blanca Arnold

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