Our mission at Actually Connect Counseling is to utilize our training and skills to assist every person who comes through our doors towards actual, real connections, healing, and emotional and mental stability.


We all have issues and challenges. Our belief is that with the right skills and tools we can connect with those we love and care about most. We believe that CONNECTION is the opposite of addiction and is the balm that aids in, and heals, so many emotional wounds.  Our therapy is grounded in attachment based methods and research and is focused on helping everyone to actually connect with others and with the world around them. 


We believe in healing from trauma. We have EMDR trained therapists who can help you overcome what we call big "T" and little "t" traumas. It's important to heal from these traumas so that the subconscious effects do not plague your daily life with symptoms and issues that can hinder, prevent, and even destroy connection.  


We believe in overcoming and healing from abuse. We are uniquely trained in helping victims of emotional and psychological abuse, including narcissistic abuse. We know that healing can be long and arduous and we are here to help walk beside you every step of the way. We hear you! We see you! We believe you! We can help you move through the six stages of abuse recovery and to find yourself again. 


We believe in relationships. We can assist in repairing breaks in relationships and in strengthening and improving your relationships. Whether this is parents and children/teens, or spouses and partners, we can assist you in developing trust and attachment. We can help you learn to see and hear one another differently and to begin to feel connected again.


We are focused on using the most evidenced based protocols and methodologies to help clients achieve results faster. When working with complex trauma, healing can take a long time, sometimes years. For other issues you could be on your way towards feeling more stable, grounded, and whole in a mere handful of sessions. We are committed to helping you achieve swift and sure results. 


We are eager to assist you and your family in any ways we can. Please call us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to healing with you. 


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