Therapy for Teens: 


Our clinicians are trained to work with teenagers. They understand the issues that face teenagers today and they are ready and prepared to address issues of technology, cyber bullying, sexual orientation struggles, eating disorders, pornography use, social anxieties, challenges from divorce, and emotional struggles from step/blended families. 


We ground and base all of our work in attachment therapy so you will be an important part of your teen's support system and their overall recovery and treatment plan. 


We will help parents and teens learn to communicate better and grow closer in their connection. Parents are a vital part of a teenagers success in any of the emotional and mental health work they do so be prepared to be involved. We ask all of our parents to spend at least 1 hour per week one-on-one with their teen. We are going to! So you should too!


Therapy for Young Adults: 


We specialize in helping young adults. We know the challenges and struggles they face. We are equiped to help with depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, pornography, and trauma among other issues.


Many of our young adults in society today are "failing to launch" out into society and away from home. Getting a driver's license, a job, and bank account seem like daunting and overwhelming tasks. We provided therapy to help young adults gain the neccessary and vital skills they need to move on to their next important phase of life. 


We create and help our young adults through a tailored treatment plan to assist them in developing the mental and emotional capacities that can propel them into greater mental health. 

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