Why get a relationship coach?

Relationship Coaching


Why get a dating/relationship coach? Sometimes when we are stuck inside of our own patterns and habits it's hard to see the obvious even when it's right in front of us. A dating coach is someone who can help take an outside look at how you are approaching dating and forming relationships. They can give you tips on ways to improve your image and techniques as well as help you to change your attachment style. We currently charge $115/session for individual relationship coaching and we promise it will be the best money you've ever spent! 


We will utilize our unique training as clinicians, and our firmly rooted background in all things attachment to assist you in determining your struggles to actually connect. We cover everything from dating profiles, to personal appearance, to deeper looks into attachment patterns. 


Relationship coaching is not covered by insurance and usually requires meeting weekly for no more than 3-6 sessions. It is intended to be a personal, tailored, deep dive into your dating life, patterns, and particular concerns. Most of the dating help out there is astronomically expensive our goal is to help you get on your way to better connections without breaking your bank or putting you in debt. Improving relationships should be within the reach of everyone.


Special Bonus: every relationship coaching client of ours also receives exclusive access to our Singles Portal. Our Singles Portal is where you can get information regarding our Saturday Seminars, Destination Dating Trips, and lots of free content about dating and growing connections! 


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Upcoming Community Events:

August 2021 - "Get Connected" Seminar for Singles will be held in Lehi, UT. 

October 2021 - Destination Dating Trip for singles (6 men, 6 women) will be held. Contact us to apply ASAP!

November 2021 - "Changing Stories" - a NEW Seminar for single parents will be held in Lehi, UT - 

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